The project takes the time it deserves.

Upon receiving your PO, I will start working on your project. I adopt a streamlined and agile methodology in my work.


I’m specialized
I do not accept work I cannot do for any reason. I’m specialized in the technical/engineering field, in only my main language pair, so my work is always enjoyable, with accurate and satisfactory results.

I take my time
No hurry, I take my time to read and fully understand your reference materials, style guide, etc. I also do the necessary research in order to reach (if I do not already have) a perfect understanding of the subject matter.

I’m communicative
I always provide timely feedback about the translation progress or any arising facts. I may also adopt an iterative approach where partial deliveries are made ahead of the deadline for quality assessment (especially for new clients).

I’m a fast learner
Being an engineer, I can easily and seamlessly integrate within your existing translation workflow thanks to my high learning and adaptation abilities, whatever the learning curve and success measures associated to your project are.